Acupuncture Treatment for Male Infertility in NJ

Male Infertility

The inability to conceive a child can result from inefficiencies in the male body just the same as a female. Male infertility occurs from low counts or unhealthy sperm production. Fertilization and pregnancy of course cannot occur without the necessary combination of healthy egg and sperm. If a man is infertile, the couple as a whole is as well. Fortunately, male infertility is easily treatable through alternative medicine. DeCicco Acupuncture wants to help you improve sperm production to naturally conceive the child you and your partner have always wanted.

How Can Acupuncture Improve Male Fertility

Acupuncture is a safe alternative to improving male fertility and increasing the chances of a successful natural or IVF/ IUI conception. This form of therapy is conducted in the same manner as other acupuncture procedure. Needles are never placed on the genitals but are inserted into the regular acupuncture points throughout the body to increase blood flow and regulation. The increased blood flow benefits general health and the testicles in particular, which is where male fertility is obstructed. The testicles need blood to deliver nutrients and remove any bodily materials that can damage or block sperm while they mature. Blood keeps the scrotal sack cool, which is necessary for the production of sperm. Acupuncture treatment improves the quality and quantity of the sperm while also increasing its motility.

Male Infertility Treatment with DeCicco Acupuncture

DeCicco Acupuncture wants to help improve male fertility and restore confidence in successful conception. Contact us to schedule an appointment ask about our services and pricing/ information or visit our blog for more news on acupuncture.