Acupuncture for Sports Injuries in NJ

Sports injuries are very common and inhibit our ability to play and participate in the sports that we love.  Acupuncture is a great tool to help get you back into the action fast!  Repetitive injuries to the same areas can cause chronic and nagging pain.  The reason for this is because when there is a repetitive injury to the same area the body doesn’t send as much blood to the area the second, third or fourth time you injure yourself.  So, when we play sports and we break our fingers, sprain our ankles, twist our knees, the body won’t have the same healing response the second and third time the way it did the first time.  Acupuncture is a great tool for athletes because when the needle is inserted into a specific area, blood will rush to that area and the healing begins.

Common Sports Injuries and How Acupuncture Helps

The most common injuries that occur while playing sports can typically be divided into two categories. The first category involves the spraining or straining of the ligaments, joints, or surrounding tissue. More specifically, strains apply to the muscle or tendon, while sprains deal with the ligaments. In each case, stress to these tissues, whether by a wrenching or twisting of the area, can cause tearing, swelling and pain. Medical practitioners define these injuries as acute traumatic injuries.

The second form of injury for athletes is chronic injuries; those that happen from the abuse the body withstands from constant training, games, and repetitive motions. The longer the body is exposed to this duress, the more it will break down. Consequently, many athletes or former athletes will regularly experience restricted movement, deep or dull aching at different locations or a pins and needles feeling.

In both types of injuries, acupuncture has been proven to be an effective option for improving recovery and preventing injury, so much so that many professional teams enlist an acupuncturist on their training staff. In cases of acute trauma, acupuncture helps remove blockages to aid recovery. And because acupuncture treatment help to balance the body’s levels of qi, athletic potential is maximized to prevent chronic injuries.

Recover from Your Sports Injuries with Acupuncture in New Jersey

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